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Kérastase Chronologiste

Discover Chronologiste, Essential Revitalizing Care for Scalp and Hair.

Kérastase Chronologiste Efficacy Video

CHRONOLOGISTE - Anti-aging Hair Care Routine

The ultimate in revitalizing care, Chronologiste hair products transform the hair from scalp to ends, producing shine, softness and bounce in a luxurious sensorial experience.


Nourish and hydrate scalp, add shine and plump roots for a fuller effect

赵露思小红书推荐巴黎卡诗元气姜粉精华 [ GENESIS ]

Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant Daily anti hair-fall fortifying serum for weakened hair, prone to falling due to breakage.

【TFBOYS-王俊凯】王俊凯 代言巴黎卡诗 全新广告单曲《元气发光》NEVER BE AFRAID OF FALLING致每一个勇敢的你,尽情绽放元气光芒。和巴黎卡诗一起元气发光无惧坠落

Kerastase Genesis Hair Care - Never Be Afriad of Falling

GENESIS - Never be Afraid of Falling

Design for weakened hair, prone to falling due to breakage. Intensely nourishes, detangles and reinforces the hair to reduce the risk of hair fall due to breakage

Blond Absolu Care Routine with Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowoski broke the internet with her new blonde!. Check out how she cares for it with Blond Absolu.


Discover the new Blond Absolu Cicaextreme, a complimentary offer for extremely bleached hair! Dare to go blonder, dare to be extreme!

Our Art Works

顺应2019流行的活珊瑚色,和大家分享一款好看的珊瑚色染发-樱珊瑚色系, 因为赏花的季节来临又开始火了起来,早在很多年就有很多明星尝试过这个发色,时尚个性。 虽然说粉色挑肤色,但这款樱珊瑚色却是小麦肤色的人也能驾驭的呢皮肤不白的妹子也可以大胆尝试下,真心很梦幻哦.

告别扁塌的头发 , 不但容易打理也让整个人精神多 !

馬六甲Melaka 網紅造型店Mconcept帮你改造 把你boring的发型变得不boring !

Colour Of Life,色彩人生🌈 想要一头健康靓丽但又不失时尚的发色?低调但不平庸发色现在也可以属于你哦! 网红指定造型发廊 私人专属定制 !

Colour Of Life,色彩人生🌈 想要一头健康靓丽但又不失时尚的发色?低调但不平庸发色现在也可以属于你哦! 网红指定造型发廊 私人专属定制

Frizzy Controlling Hair Treatment 本年度最火爆微整形护理

The magical transformation hair using frizzy controlling treatment that straightens curly & frizzy hair improves the texture of straight hair & boots its shine for long lasting healthy look of natural hair


The good thing about going back to school is get a new hair looks

MMU版 四叶草🍀 也来网红造型店 MCONCEPT光顾啦

馬六甲Melaka 網紅造型店Mconcept 【最長髮手刷染】手刷染balayaged過程

Salon Daily Life

Did you know?? Everyone is born with different look style and different lifestyle. How if you take your beautyful combination to bring up to your lifestyle? Let's us discover the magic of beauty combination from Melaka

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Preparing For 23 May 2019 Photo Shooting

Preparing For 23 May 2019 Photo Shooting ~ Gift From Kerastase

Salon Life Melaka 馬六甲 網紅造型店 [ M Concept Hair Salon ]


M Concept Salon Life

继续努力, 上课提升自己, 为顾客提供更好的服务!

M Concept Family Gathering Celebrate Christmas Eve

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